Koroit Opals and Me

I am no longer a young man, but a man who loves rocks just like he did as a boy.

Welcome to my shop on Etsy and www.koroits.com I search, sort, cut, and sell Koroit Opals. My goal is to provide excellent quality and a nice variety of Koroit Opals for you and your customers to enjoy! For more Koroit Opals please visit http://www.koroit.com
I'm a cutter of Koroit Opal and many other interesting gemstones. I love rocks and seeing what happens when I cut and polish them.

For more Koroit Opals visit: http://www.koroits.com

Koroit Opal is formed as a silica solution filling the fractures or cavities of ironstone or dissolving other minerals that were originally in those spaces. The spaces can be very small with intricate beautiful patterns throughout the opal rough. Koroit Opal is from Queensland, Australia.

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